HOSTGATOR will shut you down with little to no notice - be careful

by ebarcza 6/28/2013 10:08:00 AM
(1:56:57pm)Joseph A.:Erik, we gave you plenty notice. 
(1:57:14pm)ERIK:what does plenty mean? 
(1:57:25pm)ERIK:you never contacted or called me 
(1:57:35pm)ERIK:you just shut me down 
(1:57:57pm)Joseph A.:While I do understand your frustrated, we notified you per that ticket. 
(1:58:31pm)ERIK:can you fix it? Or do I have to move things to another host 
(1:58:39pm)Joseph A.:I am working on that now. 
(1:59:08pm)ERIK:so when was this ticket started? I'd really like to know 
(1:59:29pm)Joseph A.:You can see it in your billing client. 
(1:59:38pm)ERIK:where is that 
(1:59:39pm)Joseph A.:2013-06-27 13:43:57 
(1:59:51pm)ERIK:that was yesterday 
(2:00:10pm)ERIK:You call less than 24 hours "PLENTY OF NOTICE" ???? 
(2:00:13pm)Joseph A.:Yes, we have to reclaim it if you don't reply back. 
(2:00:24pm)Joseph A.:There is a global shortage of IPs. The SSL was expired too long. 
(2:00:33pm)Joseph A.: have added the new information to the ticket and reopened it. Our admins will be checking it shortly and they will respond to you via email. 
(2:00:37pm)ERIK:that's going on my blog 
(2:01:02pm)ERIK:is 24 hours notice industry standard? 
(2:01:26pm)ERIK:curious to know 
(2:01:47pm)Joseph A.:It is, due to the global shortage of IPv4 addresses. 
(2:03:23pm)ERIK:first i've heard of 24 hours being industry standard... but oh well 
(2:04:07pm)Joseph A.:I can absolutely understand. 
(2:04:13pm)ERIK:I'll spread the word about hostgator's new 24 hour policy 
(2:04:45pm)ERIK:regardless, thanks for your help Joseph 
(2:05:13pm)Joseph A.:You're welcome! Is there anything else I can help you with today? 
(2:05:58pm)ERIK:where is the policy that states you only have 24 hours? I'd like to post that on my hosting blog 
(2:06:15pm)ERIK:so other people are aware 
(2:08:00pm)Joseph A.:I am sorry, there is no policy to disclaim to you. You can let your blog know that there is a global shortage in IPv4 IPs 
and we have to reclaim the IP if we do not get a prompt response in renewing the domain's SSL.


VB.NET not equal

by ebarcza 6/18/2013 8:13:00 AM
       USE <>
       Dim saveFileDialog As SaveFileDialog = New SaveFileDialog()
        'saveFileDialog1.Filter = "JPeg Image|*.jpg|Bitmap Image|*.bmp|Gif Image|*.gif";
        'saveFileDialog1.Title = "Save an Image File";
        If saveFileDialog.FileName <> "" Then
        End If



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